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CTM 2024 A2A Transmission workshops announced

Workshops with: Tarik Barri, Poly Chain, Boris Hegenbart

A2A Transmission is a series of workshops for artists by artists, aiming to expand sound practitioners' skill sets and practices through direct exchange with seasoned artists. Part of CTM 2024 festival, the programme takes place at Morphine Raum.

Three tekhnē-supported workshops will take place under the A2A Transmission umbrella:

Composing Visual Music with Videosync
Respected audiovisual virtuoso Tarik Barri (NL/DE) will give an intensive two-day workshop on working with Videosync, a software that he co-created that acts as a visual add-on to Ableton Live, and allows non-programmers to have intuitive, precise control over visuals that live on musical timeline and respond to midi inputs.

Let's Make a Track!
The playful electro-techno producer Poly Chain (UA) will lead a music production workshop with insights into her track-building techniques.

Creative Use and Misuse of Artificial Intelligence-based Software in Electronic Music
The musician Boris Hegenbart (DE) will share his personal practices in creative use and misuse of AI in producing electronic music.