CTM 2024 workshop: composing visual music with Videosync

Berlin Germany
Morphine Raum, Köpenicker Straße 147, Hinterhof, 1. Etage, 10997 Berlin

A2A Transmission workshop with: Tarik Barri (NL/DE)

Tarik Barri is an audiovisual composer and software developer. He regularly performs with artists such as Sote, Thom Yorke and Paul Jebanasam, and has previously toured with Robert Henke and Nicolas Jaar.

Barri is part of the team programming Videosync, a software that acts as a visual add-on to Ableton Live, and allows non-programmers to have intuitive, precise control over visuals that live on musical timeline and respond to midi inputs. In this two-day workshop, Barri will speak about his projects and the general thoughts underlying his work and this very workshop.

More information and tickets via the CTM website.