Barreiro Portugal
Rua 42, Parque Empresarial da Quimiparque n2, 2831-904 Barreiro

Creator of the first DIY synthesizer in Africa, Brian Bamanaya is a pioneer in the purest sense of the word. Born of necessity, facing the prohibitive costs of this equipment in Uganda, Banamaya became self-taught and, from that learning process and construction, gave birth to the Afrorack - an apt name for his creation that is also his alias.  His music discards the European and American canons that led to the exhaustion of the presently overpopulated landscape of exploration via the modular synth, taking inspiration from different heritages of East African music; an abstraction of techno and acid guidelines into unusual scales and polyrhythms within this context, with full conscience of what is and was done. Between the meditative bass, cosmic expansiveness and the urgent appeal of dance, Afrorack is turning tradition into future.